Reminder – Risk Assessment Webinar and Discussion Coming Soon!

Just a reminder to register for the latest in the AWWA-EFCN webinar series for small systems titled Determining the Risk Assessment Risk Analysis Discussion and Available Tools.

DATE:              August 24, 2016

TIME:               1:30-2:30PM (eastern)


One of the five core components of Asset Management is to determine the criticality of each of your assets. This can be accomplished by completing a risk analysis. When completing the risk analysis you have to ask two questions about each asset. First, how likely is it that the asset will fail?  And second, what are the consequences if the asset does fail?  There are many things to consider when answering these two questions. This webinar includes a discussion about completing an asset risk analysis and will review a newly developed tool that can assist you in determining what factors to consider when evaluating probability of failure and consequence of failure by asset category.

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