AWWA Offers Online Operator Courses

AWWA is beginning a new series of online water treatment operator courses.  Each of the three courses provides 60 hours of training.  Modules consist of pre-recorded presentations, online learning activities, video quizzes and evaluations.  You do not have to be an AWWA member to take a course, but members will receive a discount registration fee.  Fees vary by course.

Level One- Basics (begins July 25):  The Basics course introduces the functions and responsibilities of Level 1 operators, as well as water treatment processes, their uses, characteristics, sizing, and calculations and analyses of these processes.  This information also will help students learn how to prepare for the certification test.  > Register

Level Two- Processes (begins September 12):  This course covers in-depth concepts and practices about conventional water treatment processes, membrane/UV processes, and basic laboratory and sampling skills. You will also be able to gain in-depth understanding of surface water treatment, groundwater treatment, and the particular parameters that dictate successful treatment of both water sources.  > Register

 Level Three- Analysis and Applications (begins October 17):  This course offers a unique combination of advanced process troubleshooting knowledge and introductory preparation for supervisory responsibilities and will help you learn how to manage employees and the legal obligations for regulatory compliance.  > Register

AWWA is also offering 12 hour courses in more specialized areas.  Again, registration fees are discounted for AWWA members and vary by course.

Level One- Process Monitoring and Control (begins September 19):  Covers devices used to monitor and control processes and equipment in water treatment and distribution systems. > Register

 Level Two- Applications and Tools (begins October 10):  Review applications, tools and technologies available to track, monitor, and maintain equipment, and to represent, locate, and communicate with remote facilities and equipment. There will be a focus on CMMS, GIS, and GPS. > Register

Level Three- Data Management (begins October 31):  Review information management technologies, both server-based and Web hosted. Participants will discuss and compare management systems, as well as applications available for collecting and managing performance data and methods available for storing information online securely.  > Register


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