Water and Wastewater Competency Model Info Now Available

In June, EPA and the Department of Labor (DOL) partnered to host a webinar to showcase the revisions and updates to the original Water and Wastewater Competency Model.  That original effort arose from a collaboration among water utility organizations and EPA to find a useful way to analyze necessary skills and performance capabilities related to water system operators.  To maximize the webinar reach and to allow those not able to participate in the web event, DOL recorded the webinar and posted the link on the Department’s competency model webpage.

As additional support for the new approach, DOL also wrote a water case summary based on the webinar presentations by Jeff Oxenford (RCAP) and David Dani (Colorado Drinking Water Program) which showed how the state adapted the competency model within its operator training and education program and how technical assistance providers used that competency model to work with the state.

Below are the links for the model itself, the webinar, and the water case summary.  If you have any questions, please contact John Irizarry, EPA’s Sustainable Systems Team, at Irizarry.john@epa.gov.



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