EPA Region 4 AWOP States to Engage in Distribution System Optimization Pilot

During last month’s Region 4 Area Wide Optimization Program (AWOP) strategic planning meeting in Charleston, SC, EPA staff from the Technical Support Center and Region 4, ASDWA, and state staff from Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee discussed an opportunity to undertake a pilot program for distribution system optimization (DSO).  The pilot would invite third party technical assistance (TA) providers to engage with states in implementation of AWOP’s distribution system optimization (DSO) training protocols.

Assistance providers from the Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project, Alabama Rural Water Association, Florida Rural Water Association, Communities Unlimited, South Carolina Rural Water Association, Kentucky Rural Water Association, North Carolina Rural Water Association, and Tennessee Association of Utility Districts participated in the pilot option planning discussion.  The focus was on facilitation of technical approaches to achieve distribution system optimization at water systems.  This facilitated approach involves state staff providing the technical training for water systems, augmented by TA providers facilitating the activities with water system staff as they implement the technical tools in their own distribution systems.

After walking through the proposed modules and becoming more familiar with the expectations for all parties, the TA providers and states all embraced this joint implementation approach. Several of the state and TA representatives agreed on action plans to implement this collaborative DSO training approach with water systems during this year.  The AWOP National Optimization Leadership Team will monitor the success of the Region 4 pilot and consider expanding the pilot to other regional AWOPs in the future.  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.  Meanwhile, if you have questions about this project, please send your inquiries to Rick Lieberman (EPA Technical Support Center) Lieberman.richard@epa.gov .  For more information about AWOP, go to the ASDWA AWOP website.



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