National Drinking Water Week Coming Soon

Have you thought about what you can do to support National Drinking Water Week?  This year, it happens from May 1 through 7.  This celebration is our best national opportunity to promote the value of drinking water and remind your community about all of the things that drinking water does for them!

What You Can Do:  Invite your Governor to issue a proclamation about drinking water; post information on your website; issue a press release; have an open house at your water system; interview respected community leaders about the economic and health benefits of having good drinking water; or hold art or essay contests at local schools.

State Examples: Here are some examples from state programs:

  • The Vermont Drinking Water Program is holding a Drinking Water Week fair and poster and photo contest. The state has also developed a video on the value of water.
  • The Washington Drinking Water Program presents awards to outstanding water system operators during NDWW in conjunction with a proclamation from the Governor. View the information on the web site.
  • Pennsylvania holds its Ground Water Symposium every year during NDWW to help celebrate and sets up drinking water displays, along with the signed Governor’s proclamation, in the lobby of the state office building where the drinking water program resides.
  • New York has worked with its partners as part of the Water and Wastewater Education and Outreach Committee (WWEOC) to promote the value of water during NDWW and all year long. The web site also includes links to a customizable version of their “Value of Water” brochure and a Children’s Activity Booklet.
  • The Virginia Governor’s proclamation from last year.
  • The  North Dakota Governor’s proclamation from last year.
  • Beginning in 2013, American Samoa celebrates Drinking Water for the entire month of May (in conjunction with NDWW). Activities have included educational outreach to high schools and some elementary schools to “Get Yo’ Drank On!”  They have also held 30 minute TV talk shows to promote awareness about the different ways communities can protect their drinking water sources.

Water Utilities also provide a great avenue for promoting NDWW.  State programs can help by inviting them to join you in your state-directed activities and sharing some of these resources as examples of what they can do individually – such as developing bill stuffers and news releases.  The City of Evanston, Illinois provides a good example of what a water utility can do.  Their theme this year is “The Power of Water.”  As part of the celebration, they are holding a third grade art contest and a high school Instagram photography contest.  In previous years they have held a sunset paddle, a water sports event, and a rain barrel workshop.  Look here for more information:

AWWA Resources:  Finally, as they have for many years, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) has a web page that strongly supports National Drinking Water Week.  The web page includes a history of NDWW, a web banner with this year’s theme: “Your Water:   to know it is to love it,” and a list of celebration and promotion ideas.






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