AWWA Offers Winter/Spring Water Treatment Courses

If you know of water system operators who want to improve their skills or prepare for their certification exam, the following information may be of use to them.  AWWA is preparing to offer a series of training courses designed for various experience levels in water treatment.  Be aware, however, that there are fees attached to the courses.  Each course lasts 60 hours and consists of pre-recorded presentations, online learning activities, videos, quizzes and evaluations.

Please read below for more information.

EL239 | Water Treatment Operator Level 1- Basics

Refresh your skills while learning how to prepare for the certification test. These courses introduce the basic functions and responsibilities of Level 1 operators, as well as water treatment processes, their uses, characteristics, sizing, and calculations and analyses of these processes. Begins February 15 > Register

EL240 | Water Treatment Operator Level 2- Processes

Learn in-depth concepts and practices about conventional water treatment processes, membrane/UV processes, and basic laboratory and sampling skills. You will also be able to gain in-depth understanding of surface water treatment, groundwater treatment, and the particular parameters that dictate successful treatment of both water sources. Begins March 21 > Register

EL241 | Water Treatment Operator Level 3- Analysis and Applications

This course offers a unique combination of advanced process troubleshooting knowledge and introductory preparation for supervisory responsibilities and will help you learn how to manage employees and the legal obligations for regulatory compliance. Begins April 25 > Register


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