RCAP Shares More Distance Assistance Videos

As promised a couple weeks ago, our RCAP partners are sharing two more new RCAP videos on drinking water operations best practices for maintaining compliance and protecting public health.

These videos will be particularly helpful for operators of systems facing challenges with distribution system water quality, including coliform sampling. They can be used in classroom trainings as valuable “breaks” from powerpoint presentations and other training activities and the techniques demonstrated are useful skill-building visuals of daily activities.

Coliform Sampling Best Practices-https://vimeo.com/136001193

Coliform sampling is an important part of monitoring the water quality in all drinking water systems. Collecting coliform samples correctly is absolutely critical in protecting public health. Improper sampling is the most common reason for false positive results. Positive results, even false positives, require repeat sampling, which result in extra effort, time, and money. This video covers 13 steps for proper coliform sampling and discusses how to find a good sampling site.

Valve Maintenance-https://vimeo.com/135987523

This video covers the basics of valve exercising.  Exercising valves is important to:

  • Verify that valves can be found and are accurately mapped.
  • Ensure that valves operate as designed and to extend their life.
  • Check that valves are in the correct (on/off) position.
  • Have reliability that valves will operate in emergencies, such as a water main break. This will reduce water losses, minimize damage, and be the least disruptive to customers.
  • Lessen employee overtime in dealing with emergency repairs and build more confidence in your system.

Thanks to our RCAP colleagues for sharing these videos.  They were able to develop, produce, and share these materials through funds awarded to them by EPA as part of the technical assistance and training competitive award process.  You are encouraged to share them with your water systems.


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