Webinar on Veterans:  An Untapped Resource for the Water Sector

Our colleagues at the American Water Works Association are hosting a webinar on May 27th  to discuss how veterans can help to ease the Water Sector’s impending workforce crisis.  If you are an AWWA member, you may participate at no cost.  Nonmembers will be charged $120.

The workforce crisis that’s been looming over the water sector for several years is finally upon us.  Water sector personnel with many years’ experience and knowledge are retiring in large numbers and must be replaced with dependable, competent workers.  Veterans and Service members getting ready to end their military service are great sources of qualified candidates.  Unfortunately, not only do they have a hard time finding us, we often do not know how to tap this market.  Veterans can ease the workforce crisis.  And, by employing Veterans, we are providing rewarding careers for soldiers who are returning to civilian life. This webinar will point to the proper course for locating and attracting these excellent candidates.  The speakers will be as follows:

  • Katie McCain – Chair, Veterans’ Workforce Initiative
  • Angela Wilcher – National Employment Coordinator, Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Cynthia Rosas – Program Specialist/Veterans Education, Texas Veterans Commission
  • Col. Robert B. Hensley – Director, Central US Region Soldier For Life, US Army, Office of the Chief of Staff of the Army

DATE:    May 27, 2015

TIME:    1:00-2:30PM (eastern)

TO REGISTER:  http://www.awwa.org/store/productdetail_event.aspx?productid=52290103



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