Looking for the Basics of Capacity Development?

EPA’s webpage on Small Systems and Capacity Development is an excellent resource for state program staff relatively new to the issues and challenges of working to help small water systems attain and maintain their technical, managerial, and financial capabilities to provide potable water for their customers.  It also serves as a useful reminder for more seasoned staff about some of the early guidance and strategic approaches that helped to form and sustain the program.

By clicking this link http://water.epa.gov/type/drink/pws/smallsystems/state_guidance.cfm, you can review what state and EPA staff have agreed are some of the best practices that can be applied to reenergize an aging capacity development program.  You can also take a look at the National Capacity Development Strategic Plan, an analysis of the use of the DWSRF setasides to promote capacity development, and how to improve security through using capacity self-assessments.  These are only a few of the guides, reports, and analyses available on this webpage.  Take a look!


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