EPA has published a draft of the proposed guidance manual for the Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) and invites your review and comment.  This guidance manual is intended for use by small public water systems, specifically those serving 1,000 or fewer persons. Because of the significance of the RTCR to small systems and the special provisions that apply to systems serving less than 1,000 people, this will be an importance guidance document and can certainly benefit from state input.

Please note that there is a special email address for your comments ( and comments are due April 30.  EPA is also asking that multiple reviewers from the same entity combine and/or consolidate their comments into a single submission.

The document is divided into three major parts: Parts A, B and C.  Part A, The Revised Total Coliform Rule At A Glance, gives concise information about the requirements of the RTCR and is intended for quick reference.  Part B, The Revised Total Coliform Rule In Detail, presents greater detail on the requirements of the RTCR to provide a deeper understanding of the rule. Part C, Compliance Checklist, provides a checklist to help water systems determine their compliance with the rule.  Each part is designed as a stand-alone document and can be used separately.

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