Need to Find Your TA Competitive Award Partners?

As you know, the grantees who received the latest round (FY 13) of drinking water training and technical assistance grants have for the most part completed their coordination and consultation meetings with the state primacy agencies and EPA regional offices.  The classroom training sessions, webinars, system on-site visits and other activities have been or are being scheduled, and the work has begun.

In order to keep informed regarding scheduled events and other assistance activities, you can visit the following web sites for more information.

Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP)

This link has information on scheduled training events and conferences; searchable either by state or by training topic.  Each of the six RCAP regional affiliates also has a web site with more details on trainings and activities as well as local contacts.  You can access these web sites through the RCAP national web page:

National Rural Water Association (NRWA)

Scheduled training sessions are listed by state.  Information on webinars can also be accessed at this site.  Individual web sites for the NRWA state affiliates can be accessed from the NRWA national site, at

Environmental Finance Center Network (EFCN)

Click on the “Trainings” tab to find information on scheduled future trainings and webinars, as well as past trainings and recorded webinars.

Private Well

This site contains information on the private well class lessons (currently sent out by e-mail; will soon be available on YouTube as well as in the form of Podcasts).  The site also contains recordings of past webinars on small well owner topics.

If you have questions about this information, please contact Steve Hogye at EPA Headquarters


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