AWWA Hosts Free Webinar Under Competitive Award from EPA

As part of the latest round of competitive awards made by EPA in support of training and technical assistance, AWWA is hosting a no-cost webinar Aging Infrastructure: What is it and What to do About it?  to consider issues pertaining to assessing and managing aging infrastructure.

DATE:  Thursday, November 13

TIME:   1:30-2:30PM (eastern)

REGISTER:  Click this link

What is “aging infrastructure” and how do you know if its a problem?  Once you understand the nature of aging infrastructure, the next step is do decide what to do about it?

This webinar is the first in a two-part series on aging infrastructure and will define aging infrastructure, help attendees identify it, and describe tools such as asset management to address infrastructure problems.  Part two will focus on water loss caused by aging distribution piping.

This event is made available through a US Environmental Protection Agency Grant and AWWA’s training partner, the Environmental Finance Center Network.

For more information, please contact Khris Dodson at 315-443-8818


NEWWA Posts Board & Commissioner Training Guide

The New England Water Works Association (NEWWA) has been working with EPA Region1 and the New England States to devise a resource guide and online training course to capture the essential components of water management for utility Boards and Commissions.  The intent is to “…give board members a basic understanding of everything from running a board meeting, to setting water rates and working closely with the water operator.”  More specifically, the target audience would be those “…citizen volunteers with little or no prior knowledge of running a water system…” but who find themselves responsible for making critical decisions that affect their community.

This link will take you to the Guide and the online training program.

EPA Water Research Webinar on Small Drinking Water Systems

Join EPA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD) on October 29 to learn more about new and ongoing research initiatives applicable to small drinking water systems.  To help state and local officials as they strive to ensure that these systems meet compliance requirements; this webinar will share information on treatment alternatives, regulations, health implications, and emerging contaminants.

DATE:              Wednesday, October 29

TIME:               Noon-1:00PM (eastern)


Space is limited so please register today!

Questions?  Contact Michelle Latham of EPA-ORD (

ASDWA Posts Two NonCommunity Water System Webinars

The state-EPA NonCommunity Water System workgroup met throughout 2013 and 2014 to consider how best to focus on problems and solutions that pertain to this drinking water subset of systems.  The workgroup agreed that best practices across a number of topics lent themselves to a webinar format.  This would allow the greatest number of interested parties to learn what states have been doing in support of noncommunity systems.  Two webinars on this topic have now been posted on ASDWA’s web site:

May 5, 2014: “Non-Community Water System Webinar” This webinar presents the findings and recommendations of the Non-Community Water System Workgroup, and includes a presentation by the state of Maine regarding their outreach program to NCWSs, and a presentation by the state of Ohio describing their enforcement and compliance program for NCWSs.

August 19, 2014: “Getting Non-Community Water Systems Ready for the Revised Total Coliform Rule”This webinar includes presentations on a range of subjects: Wisconsin’s plan to support non-community system compliance with the RTCR; RTCR implementation in New Hampshire; Utah’s “institutional grouping” approach for outreach to NCWSs (Forest Service facilities, versus churches, versus restaurants, etc.), as well as the state’s program of providing critical information to seasonal systems to make sure they properly understand and comply with start-up and other requirements; and an introduction to outreach materials being developed by EPA to assist states in preparing small water systems for their responsibilities under the RTCR.

More webinars are planned for later in the year.  Meanwhile, you can access the recordings by clicking this link:

TED Talk Focuses on the Value of Water

Many of you know and have worked with Heather Himmelberger of the Southwest Environmental Finance Center.  She was recently invited to give a “TED Talk” on the subject of drinking water and its value to a community.  Heather does a terrific job of making the case for drinking water quality and infrastructure needs and does it in less than 10 minutes!  You can view Heather’s talk here

For those of you not familiar with TED Talks, here’s what their website has to say…”TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED began in 1984 at a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages.”

ASDWA encourages you to take a few minutes to view and listen to Heather’s talk…it’s well worth your time!