EPA Creates New “Email Box” for American Iron & Steel Questions

In working with the new “Buy American” requirements for DWSRF loans, questions often arise about what’s covered and what is not.  To help those working with DWSRF applicants, EPA has set up a new American Iron and Steel email box SRF_AIS@epa.gov for general inquiries, concerns, questions and comments about products, projects, and availability.

Questions or comments about DWSRF waiver requests are handled separately.  Waiver-related questions or comments (not including confidential business information) should be sent to a separate mailbox dwsrfwaiver@epa.gov.

More information about the American Iron & Steel requirements, information on general guidance, waivers approved and denied, and other materials are posted at http://water.epa.gov/grants_funding/aisrequirement.cfm.


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