EPA Publishes Latest Small System Accomplishments Report

At the direction of the Obama Administration, for the past several years, EPA has identified a number of Agency Priority Goals (APG) as a strategic way of enhancing performance.  For FY 2012-13, EPA identified small systems as one of five APGs and earlier this month, the Agency released the FY 2012-2013 Small Systems Agency Priority Goal Accomplishments Report.  As it says in the introduction, “APGs target areas where agency leaders want to achieve near-term performance acceleration through focused senior leadership attention.”

The Small System APG identifies progress in enhanced water system management under the capacity development umbrella through activities in these specific areas:  asset management, managerial capacity, drinking water program collaboration, energy efficiency, noncommunity water systems, water system partnerships, and water sector workforce.  Optimization was a separate but related area of focus for this APG.  For this two-year reporting period, EPA worked with 20 states to improve small system capabilities.

The Report is available through clicking this link FY2012-2013 Small Systems APG Accomplishments Report

Please note that EPA has determined to continue a small system focus for the next two-year APG period  (FY 2014-15) and will be working with 10 additional states “…to improve small drinking water system capability to provide safe drinking water, an invaluable resource.”  To learn more about this APG, please visit http://www.performance.gov/


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