NRWA’s “Water University On-line” Hosts Webinar on Water-Energy Assessments

Energy Assessments and Audits: The First Step to Saving Energy and Money is the title of tomorrow’s no cost webinar sponsored by NRWA’s Water University On-line.

DATE:  July 31, 2014

TIME:   3:00-4:00 (eastern)

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Reducing energy consumption and costs is one of the most important actions systems of all sizes can undertake. Energy costs often comprise 30-40% of a system’s total operating costs and there are a number of common-sense, low cost actions systems can take to become more energy efficient.

Perhaps the two most important steps systems can take include doing an energy assessment to determine how much energy the system is using across various processes, and following this up with an energy audit to identify specific actions that can be taken to reduce energy consumption.

EPA, working with small and medium sized utilities across the country, has used or developed a number of tools to help systems assess their energy consumption and undertake energy audits. EPA experts will summarize these tools for webinar participants, describe how they work, and identify the kinds of benefits systems can expect to see as they use them.


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