EPA Posts Updated Water Supply Guidance (WSG) Manual

EPA has just completed a comprehensive round of updates to the Water Supply Guidance (WSG) Manual.  The WSG is a compendium of drinking water policies and regulations – beginning with alternative treatment technologies and working through to variances and exemptions.  Last updated in 2000, this new version contains a number of changes:  the new version is “508 compliant” to meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements; previously “lost” on not included materials have been added that clarify and support earlier policies; and memos and documents that are no longer relevant have been removed.  In addition, this version organizes the memos by Subject or WSG Number and renumbers them from the 2000 version.  However, to help with this transition, there is a table on the WSG Manual webpage that includes a cross reference from the old to the new WSG Numbers.  Finally, as future memos or guidances are released, they will be periodically posted directly to the website.

Please click this link http://water.epa.gov/lawsregs/guidance/sdwa/wsg.cfm  to reference the manual.


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