New EFC Report Looks at Effective Business Models

The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill’s Environmental Finance Center (UNC-EFC) has just released a report titled Defining a Resilient Business Model for Water Utilities.  According to the EFC, like most in the industry, small water systems are faced by the fiscal stresses of declining demands and economic recession. This report includes data and analysis of water systems across the country – with small water systems included – and highlights some of the best practices being implemented by water systems in response to these challenges.

Small water systems will find the recommendations of the report particularly helpful and can also make use of two EFC-UNC developed tools – the Water Utility Revenue Risk Assessment Tool and the Water Utility Customer Assistance Program Cost Estimator – to assess their own resiliency. EFC-UNC produced tutorial videos that explain the tools and provide utilities with step-by-step instructions on how to correctly use the tools.

This link will take you to the report:

This link and this one will take you to the two tools referenced above.



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