FY 13 Competitive Award Selections Announced

Late yesterday afternoon, EPA announced the successful grantees for the FY 13 competitive award to provide training and technical assistance to small water systems in both rural and urban communities.

The total funding for this program in FY 13 is $12.7 million.  In general, and as states had recommended, the target areas for funding remain broadly the same as under the FY 12 program.  And, again as in FY 12, Congressional language also dictated that some of the work be directed toward wastewater system needs.

This year’s awardees and their primary task areas are:

  • National Rural Water Association ($4.5M) and Rural Community Assistance Partnership ($4.5M) to provide training and technical assistance for small systems to achieve and maintain compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act.
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ($2M) to help small public water systems improve their financial and managerial capabilities to effectively provide safe drinking water over the long term.
  • Rural Community Assistance Partnership ($300K) to assist private drinking water well owners with information they need to protect their water supply and improve water quality.
  • National Rural Water Association ($1.4M) to assist small publicly owned wastewater systems and decentralized wastewater systems to improve operational performance over the long term, thereby improving public health and water quality.

Congratulations to our various TA partners for their successful applications.


ASDWA will share more details about the initiation of this new grant and performance period as they become available.


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