New England Water Works’ Brochure on Workforce

During the recent ABC Annual Conference, Bill Sullivan, Connecticut’s Operator Certification Coordinator, described a helpful brochure developed by the NEWWA Operator Certification Committee that provides a concrete list of actions that support recruitment and development of new operators.

Earlier this week, Bill sent us a copy of the brochure.  Although it has been around for a bit, we still think it’s great and appreciate the good efforts of our New England partners!  Bill explained that the brochure “focuses on identifying the next generation of drinking water professionals and the methods and means of attracting them to our profession.”  The brochure lists specific action items for water utilities, states, EPA, public officials and decisionmakers, and water associations to take to encourage recruitment and ensure succession.

Please click the link below to view the brochure.

DW Workforce Flyer Final 6-30-11


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