NESC Streamlines Communications Approach

For nearly 30 years, the National Environmental Services Center (NESC) published several newsletters and magazines, including On TapE-TrainPipeline, and the Small Flows Quarterly. Eventually, these publications reached more than 100,000 subscribers. In 2009, as a result of budget cuts, NESC began publishing them in online versions only.

Beginning in 2014, NESC plans to continue this evolution by presenting individual articles as they develop them. Because they will no longer have to wait for multiple articles to wend their way through creation, review, revision, and layout, they believe that they can get the information to you more quickly. Rest assured that all the articles and publications you’ve enjoyed in the past are still available on the NESC website.

Check out the new section  at: with three articles to get things going. 

Editor’s Note:  We did check out the link above and found a terrific reprint of a 2009 article about workforce shortages and how to be proactive about them.  Click this title Are You Prepared to Handle Labor Shortages in Your Water Utilities? to go directly to the article.


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