Value of Water Brochure

The value of water brochure was developed to educate the general public on the value of water and wastewater and what it takes to deliver the service. The New York State Water and Wastewater Education and Outreach Committee (WWEOC) created the brochure. The WWEOC is comprised of state and local government agencies, the Environmental Protection Agency, professional associations, engineering firms, water operators, wastewater organizations, community leaders, and training providers. Its mission is to elevate, promote, and attract talented individuals into the water profession and to raise awareness of the value of water and wastewater services with the public and elected officials in New York State and nationwide.

Brochure Templates

The WWEOC produced editable templates of the Value of Water brochure for other organizations/states to use and customize.  There are four editable sections in the brochure: Water & Wastewater Infrastructure, Aging & Impaired Infrastructure, Stay Informed, and More Information.  See the links below to view two versions (one includes recycling info) of the editable brochure.  If you have any questions regarding the brochure, please contact Eric Tam or Teresa Boepple at the New York State Department of Health (518) 402-7650 or for Eric or for Teresa. Visit the WWEOC website for more information:




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