[Editor’s Note:  This article originally appeared in the Washington State Department of Health’s Water Tap.  This is a great idea for smaller communities who want to help spread the word on the value of water. The Saving Water Partnership is a collaborative effort among 20 or so water utilities in and around the Seattle, WA area.  The Partnership also operates in Sonoma and Marin Counties in California.  For more information, go to It’s never too early to begin to plan for next year!]

We at Shoreline Water District are convinced that getting students involved in water conservation at an early age leads not only to greater awareness, but also to recognition of the positive impact they can make as individuals throughout their lives.

With that in mind, Shoreline Water District issued the 2nd Annual Fix a Leak Week Challenge to students in grades K through 8 in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park. This year, we collaborated with the Saving Water Partnership. We provided instructions to all the schools, encouraging teachers to have their students test their home toilets using the “Toilet Leak Detection Kit” that the Saving Water Partnership mailed to area residents.

The results of this year’s challenge were outstanding: nearly all schools increased their participation, and a couple of new schools joined in the challenge, accounting for doubled overall participation!  King’s Elementary School won the challenge for the second year in a row, with an overwhelming 89 percent of students participating. That’s a sharp increase over last year’s 44 percent participation, and included 11 individual classrooms with 100 percent participation. Shoreline Water District and the Saving Water Partnership sponsored a special pizza party to honor the classrooms with the highest percentage of participation.

Evelyn Huling, principal for King’s Elementary School, reported how persistent her own granddaughter, a kindergartner at King’s Elementary, was: “Not a day went by that she didn’t ask me if we’d checked our toilets. When we finally did the test, sure enough, our toilet was losing water. I had no idea.” Thanks to her granddaughter’s ongoing coaxing, the Hulings performed the necessary repairs. “It was so simple; we had it done in a few minutes.”

Shoreline Water District is proud of the students, parents and teachers who took the time to learn more about water conservation through our second annual challenge. We look forward to achieving even greater results next year!

Fix a Leak Week occurs every year in March. It’s a great opportunity to remind your customers to check their household fixtures and irrigation systems for leaks. Start to plan an event for your community today.  Start here:

Article written by By Jaime Placencia, Executive Assistant at Shoreline Water District.


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