UNC Environmental Finance Center Offers Helpful Insights

Recently, ASDWA was made aware of two interesting blog posts from the Environmental Finance Center (EFC) at the University of North Carolina (UNC).  The EFCs are partnering on the “Smart Management for Small Water Systems” project as part of the $15M competitive grant award for technical assistance and training for small water systems.

The first post http://efc.web.unc.edu/2013/06/12/when-providing-water-service-is-not-the-water-systems-primary-business/ looks at issues and offers insights related to mobile home parks as water systems.  The second, http://efc.web.unc.edu/2013/08/14/lessons-from-drinking-water-systems-in-hawaii-and-the-u-s-territories-3/ describes system management strategies used in Hawaii and some of our island territories that can inform our understanding of small system needs and potential solutions across the nation.

ASDWA is learning that the EFC Network is also planning to host a series of national webinars on topics such as asset management, rate setting, water loss, financial tools, and leadership/system management.  As soon as a schedule and more detailed information becomes available, we’ll be sure to let you know!


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