Webinars & Workshops from the Environmental Finance Center Network (EFCN)

Using HydroDASH for Financial Sustainability

The Region 10 Environmental Finance Center at Boise State University pioneered the use of financial dashboards among small water systems in the United States. In this webinar, EFC staff will demonstrate the features and benefits of its new web-based dashboard tool, HydroDASH. Attendees will see how the HydroDASH tool takes a basic income statement or system budget, and generates powerful financial ratios that show a system’s financial health. This webinar is appropriate for operators of small systems, consultants, engineers, technical assistance providers, and government agencies and trade associations interested in tools available for their clients.

There are two opportunities to participate in this free web event:

DATE:  Monday, September 16, 2013

TIME:  2:00-3:00pm (eastern)

REGISTER:  Register here


DATE:  Monday September 23, 2013

TIME:  2:00-3:00pm (eastern)

REGISTER:  Register here


In Alaska:  Water System Managerial, Financial, and Leadership Academy

This training for small water systems will cover a comprehensive set of topics related to how to better manage, finance, and lead a water system. The Academy is modeled upon the concept of the operator short schools and will include a wide variety of topics using interactive presentations and workshops, including asset management, rate setting, communication, decision-making, general finance, cutting costs, and goal setting. This three day workshop will provide managers, elected officials, and owners tools to allow them to effectively manage their water systems in tough economic times. While this program is primarily geared for individuals who own or manage water systems, operators are welcome to attend.

DATE:  September 17-19, 2013

LOCATION:  Curtis Menard Sports Center, 1001 S. Mack Drive, Wasilla, AK

COST:  Free – there is no cost to register, but attendees must cover their own food and travel costs.

REGISTER:  http://efcnetwork.org/upcoming  (The agenda is available here as well).

CEUs are currently under review.


Designing Appropriate Rate Structures for Small Water Systems

How a water system charges its customers for their water use affects revenue generation and can either help or hinder varying objectives of the utility.  Do you have many customers on low or fixed incomes? Do you have very high fixed costs and a small customer base?  Do you have a mix of residential and commercial customers? Do you want or need to encourage water conservation?  Does your water system serve a seasonal community? Do you not charge based on metered use, or include the price for water as part of rent for housing?

This webinar will describe the different elements of water rate structures and when it is appropriate to favor certain elements or rate structure designs over others based on the unique characteristics and objectives of water systems.  This training is best suited for individuals who make financial decisions on behalf of small water systems or who assist small water systems in setting rates: utility managers, finance staff, system owners, board members, consultants, technical assistance providers, financial regulators, and other interested parties.  There is no cost to participate in this web event.

DATE:  Tuesday, September 24, 2013

TIME:  2:00-3:30pm (eastern)

REGISTER:  Please click here


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