A New Workforce Resource

The latest edition of the AWWA Workforce Solutions Newsletter includes information on a free resource for water/wastewater utilities interested in workforce issues.

BAYWORK, a [San Francisco] Bay Area consortium, was created by water/wastewater utilities.  Bay area water and wastewater utilities have, through BAYWORK, made a significant investment in development of products and support services that are now available without cost to all utilities.

One of BAYWORK’s goals has been to share lesson learned with all water/wastewater utilities, regardless of geographical location.   To facilitate this effort, BAYWORK has developed a website at http://baywork.org.   All of the following are now available free of charge from the BAYWORK website:

  • Candidate development/outreach materials  (brochures, posters, and a Career Roadmap) on mission-critical job categories available for downloading and printing
  • Videos on work in mission-critical job categories available for down-loading and use
  • A Job and Internships posting function that allows water utilities  to advertise job and internship openings free of charge
  • Powerpoints, videos, and resources from BAYWORK workshops  related to staff preparedness (documentation, staff development and technical training, and knowledge management)
  • How-to Guides related to workforce reliability programs and tools
  • A Training Bulletin Board that can be used by water utilities to post  training opportunities that they are willing to share with the staff of other water utilities
  • Reports produced by BAYWORK as a result of methodical, thorough  research (e.g., on critical labor needs, and innovative approaches to optimizing use of staffing available)
  • Secure on-line forums relating to topics of water utility interest, such as candidate development and effective use of control systems.

Questions?  Please contact Cheryl Davis, BAYWORK Chair, at ckd@sfwater.org or 415-554-1875.


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