Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Insider Threats – DHS Online Course

Smaller water systems are just as vulnerable to “insider” malicious acts as the largest of the large utilities.  The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in partnership with the FEMA Emergency Management Institute, critical infrastructure owners and operators, and other Federal and state agencies has developed a one hour no-cost independent study course titled Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Insider Threats (IS-915) to help address this problem.  The online course is now available on the FEMA training site and also offers 0.1 CEUs for successful completion.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Insider Threats enhances awareness of the potential threats to critical infrastructure from malicious actions taken by those inside the organization. The course also provides guidance on how to identify insider threats to critical infrastructure and an overview of common characteristics and indicators associated with malicious insiders.  This course is part of the larger Critical Infrastructure Security Awareness series that offers independent, self-study opportunities across a broad spectrum of security related issues.

Please share this information with your water systems, TA providers, and colleagues with an interest in critical infrastructure security.  There are no prerequisites for this course.  However, DHS recommends that participants should take IS-906, Workplace Security Awareness, as a foundation preparation for this course.


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