Boise State EFC Debuts “HydroDASH”

The Boise State Environmental Finance Center (EFC) has designed a new dashboard application for small water systems ‘from the ground up.’ The new application, called HydroDASH, is available on the web at

The application provides a simple method for small water systems to generate financial data for lenders and regulators; translates financial data into actual knowledge about the true sustainability of a system; and offers a way to leave a legacy for future system operators and managers.

Data input is now done via Excel.  Users simply download the Excel spreadsheet, enter data, upload the sheet, press a button and the dashboard appears. To begin the process, users only need to have their production data (number of hookups) and a copy of their most recent income statement. HydroDASH does the rest.  A “support” tab on the home page can take users to a training page that includes videos on how to create user accounts, how to begin using the software, and the benefits of using the software.

The system generates operating ratios, a debt coverage ratio, needed savings, an affordability index and various comparisons of revenues and costs. Users also have the ability to see how much headroom they have with rates, AND if revenues are not covering expenses, the ability to generate live “what-if” scenarios to determine what kind of rate increase is necessary so that revenues will cover expenses.

For more information about how HydroDASH works, or for a demo of the application, please contact the Boise State EFC at


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