Do Your Utilities Know Who to Call When There’s Trouble?

Just in time for hurricane season, EPA has compiled emergency contact information for state, regional, and Federal agencies so that water utilities know who to call to get the support they need during and after a major storm, earthquake, forest fire, tornado, or hurricane, or any other type of disaster.  While it’s important to first contact local emergency management, there may be instances in which local resources are exhausted and the utility needs the support of outside agencies.

To facilitate response during those critical moments, these updated contact pages provide mainline emergency phone numbers for each state’s emergency management agency, drinking water agency, and wastewater agency.  These pages also include a mainline and individual contact number for the state’s WARN program (Water and Wastewater Agency Response Network).  If support is needed beyond the state level, regional emergency contact information is provided for EPA and FEMA, while headquarters emergency information is provided for EPA and USACE.  This information can be accessed from the EPA Water Security Division’s homepage or directly from the EPA website contacts main page

Please make sure that your small systems have access to this information.


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