EPA Posts Partnership Webinars

In 2012, EPA and USDA conducted a series of webinars promoting the range of water system partnerships.  The webinars featured partnership case studies and highlighted the roles and perspectives of state regulatory agencies, funders, system decision-makers and technical assistance providers.

All four webinars are now available on EPA’s website at http://water.epa.gov/infrastructure/sustain/partnerships.cfm.  For state drinking water programs, ASDWA will also  post these presentations in the library section of the CapCert Community.

Water System Partnership Webinar Series:

  • Partnering Over Time: Vinton County Water Joins Jackson County Water (10/26/2011) – Featuring the partnership between two water systems in Ohio and how the nature of their partnership evolved from informal cooperation to interconnection.
  • Communicating to Gain and Maintain Buy-in: The Logan Todd Regional Water Commission (2/29/2012) –  Featuring a regional water commission formed by 12 water systems that each kept their own identities.
  • Facilitating Partnerships: State and Funder Perspectives (8/8/2012) – Featuring Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, Washington Department of Health and USDA Mississippi State Office discussing ways they encourage partnerships.
  • Troubleshooting the Partnership Process (11/5/2012) – Featuring representatives from two water system partnerships in New Mexico, the Lower Rio Grande Public Water Works Authority and El Valle Water Alliance, discussing different aspects of the water system partnering process. Other panelists include USDA New Mexico State Office, New Mexico Finance Authority, New Mexico Environment Department Drinking Water Bureau, New Mexico Office of State Engineer, and the Rural Community Assistance Corporation.

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