RCAP’s Distribution Guide Can Help with RTCR

RCAP is already assisting small water systems with RTCR compliance. In 2012, RCAP published Protecting Water Quality by Optimizing the Operations and Maintenance of Distribution Systems, that focuses on “…how to maintain water quality in drinking water distribution systems and treated-water storage facilities by concentrating on common problems and challenges and identifying potential improvements and solutions.”   The Guide can serve as a resource for a small system operator or can be used as part of a more formal training session.  In fact, RCAP and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment partnered last year to host a series of five-day, intensive training sessions throughout the state coupling the Guide with hands on training.

The Guide begins with the concept of multiple barriers for public health protection and a regulatory overview and then moves through main breaks, disinfection, operator roles, measuring chlorine residual, asset management and emergency planning, inspection, monitoring, and managing water in storage facilities and closes with discussions on how to recognize operational problems and the difference between routine and proactive oversight.

This Guide is particularly valuable for RTCR training in that it addresses key elements of the Rule, including the need for creative solutions for small systems, the value of effective operators in compliance, and triggered assessments of the distribution systems.  The Guide presents examples of sanitary defects which could trigger assessments, and provides instruction on both preventive maintenance and efficient response to identified defects.

To download a copy of RCAP’s guide, Protecting Water Quality by Optimizing the Operations and Maintenance of Distribution Systems, or to learn more about RCAP’s resources, please go to http://www.rcap.org/commpubs and scroll down to reach the appropriate title. For more information on this training, contact Joy Barrettjbarrett@rcap.org.


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