Making Those Cap Dev-Op Cert Connections

Can’t figure out how to get your small system operators to remember when to take their samples…or, for some, HOW to take those samples properly?  Wondering what else you can do to help small systems avoid generating high ETT scores?  Feeling frustrated because you just cannot seem to help some of your small systems to understand WHY it’s important for them to perform certain tasks?

Look to your peers for some good ideas.  For more than a year, a state-EPA workgroup looked at ways to take advantage of the mutual strengths that exist between state operator certification and state capacity development programs and build on them to provide a better support framework for their small systems and small system operators.  The result was a nine page document that highlighted the efforts of Rhode Island, Mississippi, and Colorado to close the gaps between systems and operators and their needs.  Capacity Development & Operator Certification Collaboration: An Essential Partnership to Promote Small System Capacity (PDF) showcases these three state efforts and features collaborative activities between the Capacity Development and Operator Certification programs to help determine gaps in operator skills and knowledge, promote operator training and improve system performance.

For additional information on state-based tools, best practices, strategies, and guidances related to operator certification, capacity development, and other small system programs, states are encouraged to log in to the ASDWA CapCert Community resource library.   If you are not yet registered for access, please contact Anthony DeRosa for assistance.


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