AWWA Offers Water Audits for Water Loss Control Webinar

Join AWWA for a live session on Water Audits for Effective Water Loss Control on December 19.  This webinar will focus on water loss auditing practices and will cover AWWA’s auditing method as best practice for water-system efficiency. Preliminary audit data from more than 100 small to medium-size systems will be presented to demonstrate trends and anomalies, and lessons learned from broader implementation of water auditing will be discussed.

Additionally, this webinar will discuss the concept of a “District Water Audit (DWA) Method for NRW Component Analysis in District Metered Areas (DMAs)” as a comprehensive bottom-up methodology for evaluating water losses in water distribution systems.  Small to midsized utilities struggling with non-revenue water are highly encouraged to sign up for this webcast.

The cost for AWWA members is $75; nonmembers must pay $120.

DATE:  Wednesday, December 19

TIME:   1:00-2:30PM (eastern)

REGISTER:  Click Register online!


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