Update from EFCN on Smart Management for Small Water System Project

[Editor’s Note:  The Environmental Finance Centers Network (EFCN) successfully competed for a portion of the EPA FY 12 Competitive Grant to provide assistance and support to small water systems.  From time to time, CapCertConnections will showcase progress reports provided by the winners of this year’s competition.] 

We (EFCN) have been very busy this fall meeting with states, EPA Regions, and territories regarding the Smart Management for Small Water System Project that will provide managerial and financial capacity building activities for systems under 10,000 in population.  We have completed just about all of our meetings; there are only a few people who needed a little extra time and those meetings will take place in December.  We greatly appreciate the cooperation of the state personnel and the enthusiasm and overwhelmingly positive response with which we were received.  We are now in the process of developing the plan for the next phase of the project detailing when and where we will be delivering training and which trainings those will be.  We are planning, to the maximum extent possible, to give each state and territory the activity that they indicated during our meetings would be the most beneficial/impactful to small water systems.  We are also trying to provide the trainings in the locations suggested (if one was suggested) and at the time frame that best fits the state given restrictions, such as weather, other events within the state, other activities within the state, construction season, etc.  We will continue to work with the states and territories as we move forward to keep them informed of our activities.  In addition, please visit our web site: www.efcnetwork.org to find out the latest information about this project.  If you have any questions, please contact Heather Himmelberger at heatherh@efc.nmt.edu or Glenn Barnes at glennbarnes@sog.unc.edu.  We look forward to the upcoming trainings and other activities!


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