State Asset Management Initiatives Matrix Updated

States and EPA will remember that in 2010 and 2011, states shared information about their various asset management initiatives as part of an effort to identify opportunities to strengthen the managerial aspect of capacity development.  Compiled into a matrix, the asset management activities were categorized generally under funding initiatives, regulatory requirements, and assistance options.  The “Initiatives Matrix” has been updated again to reflect activities undertaken in 2012.  Arkansas, Michigan, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin have contributed updates to the matrix on various asset management program activities.  Delaware, Maine, Michigan, New York, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia have made changes to their CUPSS Support initiatives.  In addition, a new section has been added to identify states that are participating in the ongoing State-EPA Asset Management Workgroup.  The “Initiatives Matrix” document resides within the ASDWA CapCert Community Library – a resource available only to state drinking water program staff and EPA Headquarters and Regional Coordinators for Capacity Development and Operator Certification programs.  If you are state or EPA staff and would like to register for access to the CapCert Community webpages, please contact Anthony DeRosa at


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