NRWA Offers Utility Management Certification Program

The National Rural Water Association has created a new Utility Management Certification (UMC) program under the auspices of their Water University.  The UMC program is “…designed to recognize the professional educational achievements of individuals and to market their achievements and skills to increase the value of today’s utility manager.”  The hope is that through the UMC process, there will be greater recognition for experience and educational achievements in water and wastewater management.

According to the NRWA website, “State rural water associations—who are the trainers of the industry and train approximately 100,000 personnel each year—will administer the certification program as a satellite of Water University. This partnership provides an added local state dimension of the value to the certification designation. The overall goal is to provide recognition that ultimately makes certification holders more hirable, more promotable and more valued.  The UMC is a career investment that will reap many returns as the industry raises the bar of management excellence.”

To learn more about the NRWA Utility Management Certification program including a brochure and study guide and the Water University, please go to


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