RCAP Creates and Shares Water Recruitment Brochures

Our colleagues at RCAP (Rural Community Assistance Partnership) have recently produced brochures to recruit people into the water and wastewater operations field.  These materials are part of a larger RCAP recruitment and training effort that involves collaboration with community colleges.

Here are URLs for the recruitment brochures.  Note that RCAP has included both a “screen-friendly” and printer-friendly version for each brochure.  When printed, the text is laid out for a 3-fold format.

At RCAP’s suggestion, you are invited and encouraged to print and distribute these brochures within your community and to forward the links to your colleagues who may not be aware of this offer.

Drinking Water Brochure:



Wastewater Brochure:



Our thanks to RCAP for sharing these helpful tools as we strive to manage our individual and collective workforce issues!


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