EFC to Release Updated Dashboards This Summer

ASDWA is pleased to reprint the following article from Boise State’s Environmental News:
The EFC at Boise State University will release updates to its popular “dashboard” applications this summer. The initial dashboards released several years ago have attracted over 3,000 users in every state in the U.S.
The new dashboards, with design improvements suggested by circuit riders from the National Rural Water Association, will run faster, and offer a more streamlined look.
We’ve eliminated the “wizard based” data entry system, in favor of creating a standardized Excel spreadsheet that users can simply upload to the site, which will then generate the visualizations.
The data visualizations – or dashboard dials – were simplified so the application will run faster, and show just the most critical information about the water system so operators and their boards will have a quick and ready tool for decision making.
We’re also building in the ability to generate “what-if” scenarios with simple sliders. What if we increased rates? How would that impact our operating ratio? What about affordability? How much more do we need to be saving to fund future improvements? All these questions can be answered in seconds just by moving a slider on the dashboard.
Stay tuned as we release the updates later this summer. For more on the project see the latest issue of Rural Water magazine at:

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