RCAP Offers A Drop of Knowledge

RCAP has renamed and reenergized its electronic newsletter (formerly eBulletin) into a new product A Drop of Knowledge. This name reflects its purpose, to provide:

  • useful, practical information – knowledge that you can put into action in your water or wastewater system or community and
  • a small amount of new knowledge – just enough to make a difference without requiring you to embark on large improvements that may be overwhelming

A Drop of Knowledge is designed for staff of water systems/utilities, board members and elected officials. It provides helpful tips, guides and resources on practical subjects and is written in plain English. The information it contains will help these audiences make informed decisions to benefit their community, keep their system in compliance with Environmental Protection Agency regulations, and maintain water quality in the most proactive way. The newsletter provides information on the technical, managerial, financial and governance aspects of running a small water or wastewater system.

RCAP has also launched another service – Ask the Expert. You may send in a question that stumps you or query about how to go about a procedure or process and have it answered by an RCAP expert in the field. Your question may even be a topic of a future issue of this newsletter

A Drop of Knowledge is published monthly and is free to subscribers.  Click Sign up for your free subscription! to get started or visit http://www.rcap.org to learn more about the organization.


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