ERP/ETT Replace SNCs for Capacity Development and DWSRF Determinations

EPA’s Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water has distributed an updated policy memo dealing with implementation of the Capacity Development and DWSRF programs in light of the new Enforcement Policy and Enforcement Targeting Tool (ERP/ETT).  These changes are effective beginning with FY 2013.

The memo describes how the CapDev and DWSRF programs are to address the SDWA requirements that reference reporting and other determinations based on systems with “historical significant noncompliance” (HSNC) and “significant noncompliance” (SNC).

The policy memo further encourages state and EPA Regional DWSRF coordinators to meet with their capacity development counterparts to coordinate priorities, setaside assistance determinations, and other program elements to “ensure that systems prioritized for attention through the ETT are given the fullest possible consideration for available assistance.”

Here’s a link to the memo  Signed Cap Dev & DWSRF ETT memo


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