The Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) has released a new guidebook to assist members of the board of directors or governing body of small, rural drinking water and wastewater systems.

The Big Guide for Small Systems: A Resource for Board Members is a comprehensive guide to the oversight role a board member has in governing a small utility. The guidebook is divided into four sections: water and wastewater treatment basics; regulatory requirements; how boards should conduct their own affairs; and finances. These sections provide detailed descriptions of a board’s responsibilities and duties in these areas.

The guide is part how-to and part desk reference. It is ideal for presenting to new board members as an orientation and background to all aspects of their new roles. Experienced board members will find it useful as a reference for meeting their responsibilities to the community and customers. When used on a group basis with an entire board, it can help set standards for the group’s work together, enabling all members to have a common understanding of the group’s functions. It is written in an easy-to-understand style.

The guide also contains an appendix with many helpful tools that utilities can put to use right away, including: example standard operating procedures; information on hiring and terminating employees along with sample job descriptions for common positions; examples of common policies; tips on emergency-response planning; and much more.

You may view/download the Big Guide for Small Systems at www.rcap.org/commpubs.


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