Blog for YOUR Customers

If you are responsible for either operator certification or capacity development efforts in your state, why not follow Kentucky’s example and create a blog to reach out to your operators – aka, YOUR customers?

Take a look at what Julia Kays has done for her operator certification program.  This is a great way to help reinforce the positive communication and connections that you have with your operators.  Called Operation Matters, the blog was created by Kentucky’s Department for Environmental Protection to communicate with drinking water, wastewater, and solid waste operators across the state. Through this tool the state program provides a variety of information, including job opportunities, updates on regulations, reminders about training events and license renewals, and other information pertinent to industry professionals.

While Julia’s information focuses more on operator certification topics, you can do the same sort of thing for your state’s capacity development program – articles about asset management, sustainability, board training – any of these could be great topics to share.  Prefer to focus on regs?  Tell folks about any new requirements that are getting ready to go into effect; point them to good training sessions; share brief “how to” items on sampling and monitoring protocols.

Getting set up is easy and there’s no “required” number of information posts or subjects or word counts.  It’s just an opportunity to reinforce the good efforts that you undertake every day to help your operators be successful in their public health protection responsibilities.  Using a blog format instead of broadcast emails lets the operators “manage” the number of messages they receive in a day – just like you do.  It also creates a de facto repository where they can go back and look at information again and again.  Want to know more?  Give Julia a shout at


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