ABC Needs Volunteers

The Association of Boards of Certification (ABC) is seeking volunteers to participate in passing score studies that will determine the passing scores of its newly developed standardized Water Treatment, Collection, and Distribution certification exams. The input of certified operators working in these fields is needed to ensure that ABC certification exams administered across North America appropriately distinguish between certification candidates who are minimally competent and those who are not.

ABC is looking to identify volunteers who represent the diversity of geography as well as facility and system types and sizes of the industry. To qualify for participation, a volunteer must:

+  Be a certified Water Treatment, Collection, or Distribution Operator at a level equivalent to ABC’s Class I, II, III, or IV certification.

+  Sign a non‐disclosure agreement.

+  Have access to the necessary materials.

+  Be able to commit to participation in each of the passing score study activities, including the scheduled webinars.

The final panel of volunteers for this project will be selected from volunteer applicants to best represent theiversity of the industry.  Please click on the link below to learn more about this subject and to download the volunteer application form.

Passing Score Study Information and Application 020912


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