NESC Offers New Downloads

For many years, the National Environmental Services Center (NESC) has distributed Montana Water Center training programs—including the very popular Operator Basics—on CD.  Now, these interactive courses can be downloaded by going to

For a successful download, NESC recommends that you use a fast Internet connection (i.e., broadband). You should also be aware that the files don’t save properly in Windows 7, although they work fine in previous versions of Windows (98, XP, Vista) and on the Mac OS X operating system.  “We are excited to offer these CDs as downloads,” says Jeanne Allen, NESC’s business manager. “Many people who order this product need it quickly to fulfill continuing education requirements for their operator certification. This new feature will allow them to get the programs almost immediately.”

Some state primacy agencies accept the Montana Water Center trainings as eligible for CEUs.  Call NESC’s technical staff at 1-800-624-8301/option “3” for more information about the training programs and the primacy agency for your state.

The Montana Water Center downloads join more than 1,000 products currently available free from the NESC Shopping Cart, including case studies, design manuals, Tech Briefs, and more. This is NESC’s latest step to making all products electronically available for free. NESC will no longer be providing hard copies in an effort to reduce operating costs and save energy. Visit to view NESC’s complete product offerings and start downloading today.


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