CUPSS Offers New Enhancements and On-Line Training

CUPSS (Check Up Program for Small Systems) Version 1.3.7 is now available!  Enhancements to the software include:

  • Option to upload multiple assets from a spreadsheet template
  • Upgrade to the CUPSS installation process for Windows 7 and Vista users
  • Ability to use the custom My CUPSS Plan as a submittal for Clean Water Needs Survey (CWNS) documentation

CUPSS, first released in 2008, is asset management software for small and medium-size water and wastewater utilities. CUPSS allows systems to generate a customized asset management plan based on the system’s asset inventory, operation and maintenance (O&M) work orders, and annual financial statements. Asset management planning helps utilities prepare for short and long-term infrastructure management and capital funding decisions to enhance overall sustainability.

Self-paced training lessons for CUPSS are also now available on EPA’s website.  This training series is an easy-to-use tool for drinking water and wastewater systems wanting to learn more about asset management and how CUPSS can be used to implement asset management practices.

To download the latest version of CUPSS, visit:

To view the CUPSS Self-Paced Training Series lessons, visit:

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