What is the Cost of NOT Mailing the CCR?

Jennifer Wilson, a principal contributor and editor for the SmallWaterSuply.org blog, has written a very thoughtful article on the subject of customer communication and the Consumer Confidence Report.  We thought it worth repeating…

“You may have read about pending legislation [HR 1340] in Congress that would eliminate the requirement to mail the annual Consumer Confidence Report for public water systems who have no violations.  (Instead, in-compliance systems could post the CCR to their website.)  The National Rural Water Association is supportive of this potential change, citing unnecessary cost and time burden for small utilities.

“I certainly do agree that small communities face unprecedented challenges in maintaining their water and wastewater systems. State and federal funding is harder to come by and when it does, it has more strings attached. With so many operators retiring and so much infrastructure that needs upgrading, we’ve neared a financial crisis point.

“We talk a lot here at SmallWaterSupply.org about the value of water, the need to proactively communicate with customers, and how, these items together, can develop an engaged and informed public that can help us find a way out of today’s troubles.

“On the surface, it seems like a good idea, but I wonder…is eliminating an established line of communication, often the only connection the average citizen has to his water outside of billing, really the best way to look for financial efficiency?  Could it do more harm than good and set back the efforts of national public outreach campaigns, state capacity development programs and direct technical assistance?”

ASDWA invites you to check out more of Jennifer’s thoughts and ideas…just go to the RSS feed in the lower right section of this page and click on SmallWaterSupply.org.


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