OECA Adds to ECHO Capability

EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA) is adding new features to the Enforcement and Compliance History On-line (ECHO) tool. Two drinking water improvements are in the works:

Drinking Water information is now featured and available in OTIS Lab. It includes a new homepage that provides access to the Enforcement Targeting Tool excel reports and allows users to download the quarterly exports to their desktops. It will also give OTIS users access to SDWA policy and guidance documents, training, and related drinking water resources. In addition, this new homepage will provide links to the public site ECHO, where the Drinking Water Data Search is featured.

The Drinking Water Serious Violators Report and Serious Violator List will be rebuilt as web pages that will be easier to read and browse than the current PDF reports.  The new reports will also be automatically regenerated after each update of SDWIS, improving their timeliness and reducing the staff time needed to create them.

A new mapping tool – the EPA and State Enforcement Actions Map – is another improvement in transparency that will “…allow the public to access federal and state enforcement information in an interactive format and to compare enforcement action information by state. The map will be refreshed monthly to include up to date information about the enforcement actions taken to address violations of air, water, and waste laws.” The complete news release is available on EPA’s website.

Use the following links to access various features:

SDWA in OTIS: http://www.epa-otis.gov/otis/sdwa_home.html

ECHO (Public Website): http://www.epa-echo.gov/echo

EPA and State Annual Enforcement Actions Map:  http://www.epa-echo.gov/echo/maps/enfactions/state_map.html



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