Recruit Veterans Initiative

Veterans represent a major recruiting opportunity for water and wastewater utilities.  Many veterans possess technical skills and training that are directly transferable to careers in the water sector.  Recognizing this, EPA is working with AWWA, WEF, the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Labor (VETS office) to help recruit and train veterans for careers in water and wastewater.

As part of this effort, a new informational brochure has been posted on the Work for Water website: (a joint AWWA and WEF web effort).

It encourages utilities to recruit veterans and gives them information on:

– Who to contact to reach out to veterans (with an explanation of the alphabet soup of government agency contacts)

– Tips for promoting the industry to Veterans Affairs and Department of Labor

– How to help veterans receive financial GI Bill benefits for training (including on-the-job training)

– Special programs and incentives for training and hiring disabled veterans

– Contact information for government agencies that work with veterans

To learn about recruiting and training veterans for the water sector, or to get involved in this effort, please contact EPA’s Allison Watanabe at, or start a conversation with Allison on the ASDWA CapCert Connections Forum.


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