New Options for Effective Training Tools

If your program has some ERG or other funds that still need to be obligated or if you’re interested in collaborating with other states in your Region to maximize the reach of your training dollars, Kevin Kundert of eTRAIN ONLINE/ may have some interesting options for you to consider.  Kundert is in the developmental stage for three initiatives that may be of interest or use to your operator certification or capacity development program.  Below are brief descriptions of each proposed effort:

1)  Searchable Training Library – Reorganize training topics so they are easily searchable (operators can find answers to questions, technical issues). Much of this will be done already by year end…but we could integrate other State-specific content as well.  Also, we plan to produce an HD video for each topic.

2)  Training Officer Dashboard – Build a powerful learning management system that training officers can access to see ‘who did what and when.’  This could also allow trainers to follow progress of all their operators engaged in online training.

3)  WebTV Program – Produce a biweekly WebTV training program (in HD format) to help small system operators.  The program would cover numerous topics – interviewing people in the field – and showing how to solve problems.  We can track if the operator watched the video and, if desired, we can add evaluations throughout the show and at the end that must be completed for credit.  This would be an excellent opportunity to combine funding from a few states to allow us to do this for two to three years.  Here’s a link as an example of what it could look like (this example is on weatherization)

You can learn more about eTRAIN ONLINE and programs and services by contacting Kevin Kundert via email at or calling him at 406-579-9059.


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