“How To” Reminder for CapCert Discussion Forum

Still unsure how to get to the ASDWA CapCert Connections Discussion Forum?  Here’s a quick thumbnail refresher for state and EPA staff with responsibilities for capacity development and/or operator certification…
Where to Find It:  Go to www.asdwa.org and login with your ASDWA user name and password – if you cannot remember what they are, contact Anthony DeRosa at aderosa@asdwa.org.  He can help fill in those memory gaps!  He does it for me all the time!
Then What?  Upon login you’ll be redirected to the CapCert Connections page.  From there, click the first graphic-link [under CapCert Connections Quick Links] to go to the Discussion Forums.  Note:  if you were already logged in when you got to  www.asdwa.org, simply use the top navigation to go to the Forum [there’s a button in the top navigation].  When you get into the forums, under CapCert Connections Community, select the category called “CapCert Connections: Community Forum”.  You should see a list of ongoing discussions there.
To Start a New Discussion Topic:  Press “new topic” from the navigation bar at the top right of the page [should be the first link].  When you press “new topic” a pop-up window will open up.  This is where you compose your question.  Once you’ve finished composing your message, press “Post Message”.  The page will refresh and you should see your question with the others.
To Participate in an Ongoing Discussion:  Simply press “reply” at the bottom right of the latest comment.
Still Unsure How to Make This Work?  ASDWA has posted a video of the “walk through” webinar that was held in early June.  The webinar covered not only the discussion forum, but also the resource library, the blog, and a calendar of events relating to cap dev and op cert activities.  You can walk through again – step by step – at  www.asdwa.org/capcertvideos.

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