Webinar – Green Infrastructure for Small Systems

Our colleagues at SmallWaterSupply.org have alerted us about an upcoming (free) webinar (Wednesday, June 29) that will look at green infrastructure uses in two small communities.  David Shelton (Professor in Biological Systems Engineering and Extension Agricultural Engineer; University of Nebraska) will speak about the City of Wayne, Nebraska’s work and Matt Durand (Storm Water Manager) will discuss the City of Owatonna, Minnesota’s green infrastructure implementation.

The speakers will address the following topics:

●  Why should a small, rural community implement green infrastructure practices?

●  How were your project(s) funded/implemented?

●  Were there cost savings or other benefits?

●  Were any of the projects required because of ordinances or have any ordinances been developed since implementing green infrastructure projects?

●  What lessons were learned?  What advice do you have for other communities?

This webinar is sponsored by the Kansas Small Business Environmental Assistance Program through Kansas State University.  Although there is no cost to participate in this webinar, you must register in advance at:  https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/983505806.  To learn more about the Environmental Assistance Program at KSU, go to http://www.sbeap.org/.



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